Holidays: a time for self care

Swedish, Therapeutic Massage or Pregnancy

Introductory  60 or 90 Minute Treatments Starting at $49. Now through Dec 31, 2017

Swedish and Therapeutic Massage are done by hand and also using the G5 professional grade massage machine to assist in deep tissue release.  Learn more about the G5 here

NEW! G5 Professional Massager 

Therapeutic Massage 

Integration of therapies used for relief from tension, pain, and issues such as headaches, sciatica, and low back pain. 

Licensed Massage Therapist in Novi, MI

Voted One of the Best Massages in Metro Detroit by WDIV

Pregnancy Massage

Provides relief from tension, pain and stress for expectant mothers and is deeply relaxing. 

Swedish Relaxation

Traditional massage incorporating long flowing stroked to promote circulation and lymph flow.  The perfect way to unwind. 

12-8 p.m. W-F     12-6 p.m.  Sat                   734.383.2221